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theme which is the restructuring of u.s. foreign policy that followed the end of the cold war, and in particular the movement of u.s. foreign policy away from the theme of anticommunism after the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 to a new theme which is, i would argue, the dominant one today of humanitarian intervention. now, the theme of humanitarian intervention, you know, is a very wide spread one. as jacqueline noted, you know, it's the basic operational idea behind the safe darfur movement which advocates u.s. military intervention in the darfur region of sudan. it is also to some extent the justification for the iraq and more recently as well the afghan war. a topic of, obviously, very current importance. but really the idea of humanitarian intervention for the post-cold war period, i would argue, was forged in the former yugoslavia. that's really where the idea was, to some extent, created at least in its modern form and was established, really, as the main justification for u.s. foreign policy. and in particular what you had was an ideological shift in the united states
hour with a number of different u.s. service members here this christmas morning. we will be right back. >> c-span, christmas day, a look ahead to 2010 politics, including republican congressman eric cantor, an nbc's david gregory. buzz aldrin and fellow astronauts on the legacy of apollo 11. a discussion on the role of muslim americans in the world. later, a discussion on u.s. strategy against al qaeda in afghanistan. and starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, remembering the lives of william f. buckley jr. and senator ted kennedy. >> in the mid-1990s, newsweek -- "newsweek" named omar not wasow one of the most interesting people to watch in what -- in cyberspace. sunday night, he talks about his current studies at harvard and what is ahead. that is on c-span's q&a. host: in just a moment we will return to afghanistan tuesday to a number of u.s. service members who are spending this christmas day in afghanistan. as you heard from general gary patton, it is about 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. there in afghanistan. we will get to our service members, marines, soldiers and sailors in just a bit. he
's in our washington newsroom. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, though some u.s. intelligence officials say there wasn't enough to go on to put the man accused of the bombing on a watch list, president obama, nonetheless, believes there was. and we're hearing new details tonight from a passenger who was on that plane. a maryland real estate consultant still has his boarding pass from the christmas day flight to detroit. he sat across the plane and one row ahead of the man charged with trying to blow it up. gona says he was among the first to notice the smoke and yell for help. >> most of the passengers started to panic. there was a lot of ladies around, and they start panicking. one specific one sitting on my left, on the aisle of the middle section, she was screaming, i don't want to die. i don't want to die. i want out. >> reporter: a detroit man snapped this picture of the spot where investigators say umar farouk abdulmutullab tried to set off his explosives. but president obama says the u.s. intelligence system should have noticed something was wrong much earlier. back in
brazilian family. nbc's jeff rossen accompanied the family back to the u.s. and joins us tonight from orlando. jeff, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. we landed here in florida a short time ago on our nine-hour flight here on the plane, david and sean goldman were playing around, very playful, playing with toys and puzzles david brought along. sean slept a good deal of the flight. it was fairly calm. the day didn't start that way. it was chaotic in rio when his brazilian family paraded him down the street. surrounded by a crush of cameras, 9-year-old sean goldman clutched his brazilian stepfather as he arrived at the u.s. consulate to be reunited with his father david. at times sean, wearing a short in brazil's national colors, appeared distraught. inside, a private reunion marking the end of a bitter five-year international dispute. a thumbs-up from david goldman as he boarded a private flight. >> my little boy is five feet away, sound asleep, peaceful. we're on our way. my heart is just melting. i love him. >> reporter: the goldmans were invited on a jet nbc news chart
radicals. three were born in the u.s., one in egypt, and one other in pakistan. all are u.s. citizens and they could face conspiracy charges. justice correspondent bob orr is follow the investigation and, bob, the f.b.i. really wants to bring these men back to the states. >> reporter: yes, katie, they do. but so far the f.b.i. has only been able to briefly talk to tuz t muslim americans and read them their rights. they have not been charged but pakistan is not ready to send them home. while the young americans remain in a pakistani jail, police there have now released their mug shots. five college-age students who police say were intent on joining up with taliban and al qaeda fighters. >> they were here for jihad. we support they were here for some bad activities. >> reporter: cbs news has obtained this pakistan police interrogation report which contains the men's passport information and pictures of laptops and mobile phones confiscated when they were arrested in this house. seized computer files suggest the group had reached out to a terrorist operative through the internet. >> once
to blow up a u.s. jetliner and says it will keep trying. plus cbs news uncovers disturbing web postings that show the suspect was a lonely young man who harbored jihad fantasies for years. i'm harry smith. also tonight the security failure. there were warnings from the suspect's own family. he was on a watch list so why didn't anyone check to see if he had a u.s. visa? president obama calls for a full review. and there's confusion in some airports amid the new security crackdown. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening. katie is off. president obama says u.s. authorities will not rest until they find everyone involved in the attempt to blow up delta northwest flight 253 on christmas day. the terror trail leads straight to the middle east. today an al-qaeda group based in yemen said it supplied the explosives to suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab and claimed the bombing attempt failed due to a technical problem. mr. obama pledged on the a complete review of the watch list system to prevent other potential terrorists from enterin
of the massacre were probably exaggerated by u.s. officials. they claimed that not only were the people killed but they were tortured and dismembered. that isn't true. a later forensic investigations revealed they weren't tortured or disfigured. nevertheless, it does appear there had been a massacre. it was not an armed confrontation as the serbs claimed. and this is widely publicized as an example of, you know, atrocious action by the serbs which undoubtedly it was. the united states then worked with europe to call a major peace conference in february of 1999 for a full settlement of the kosovo conflict. it took place in a castle outside of paris. it was officially chaired by the foreign ministers of france and britain, though, behind the scenes the u.s. clearly played a dominating role. and the united states and its european allies put together a predetermined agreement that's quite complex but, in essence, what it demanded was that the serbs would have to agree to full regional autonomy for kosovo, not independence. independence at this point was ruled out. but full regional autonomy for ko
to be the consensus, too. but i'd be more cautious than keen. it seems to me we have a huge problem for the u.s. consumer. that's one of the big issues. they have a lot of debt which they need to pay down. the size of the public secretary herb debt is huge and central banks will be looking to exit from their quantitative easing and other lax monetary policies that they've been adopting during the year. maybe some asian central banks may be forced to raise interest rates because of inflationary pressures. that could begin to sow seeds of doubt about this recovery to continue at the rate that we've seen it in the last couple of quarters. nat, i suspect that the economy will not grow as fast as the markets expect both in the g7 and therefore in the emerging economies. it still depends on u.s. consumer and g-7 demand for their ex ports. that may disappoint investors as we go through the year. after that, we could see a much more difficult period both for the economy and therefore for equity investors in particular. >> bob, i just want to pick up on one of the points we want to talk about earlier. a
is the u.s. going to fight it? >>> good evening and thanks for being with us. a mix of human and systemic failure, that's how president obama described the circumstances that led up to the near tragedy on christmas morning. he made the surprise statement late this afternoon from his vacation home in hawaii saying, "the intelligence community knew about umar farouk abdulmutallab weeks ago and failed to spread word that would have put him on the no-fly list." our ed henry is following that part of the story for us and will join us in just a moment from hawaii. first, though, the latest on the investigation tonight from homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve. she joins us live tonight from washington with breaking news about the cia's role in this systemic failure. hi, jeanne. >> hi, john. this information coming to us from a single, well-placed source, who tell us that someone from the cia met with the father of umar farouk abdulmutallab in nigeria and spoke with him and prepared a report on his concerns that his son had become radicalized and might have gone to yemen. what i'm told
and number two, why was he on the airplane in the first place when he was on a terrorist data base with the u.s. government and so the president has ordered investigations into those two questions and we expect he'll give us an update on where those reviews are. >> why did it take him so long to speak publicly? is it because of the criticism he's been receiving? >> reporter: in fairness to the president, his approach is to not jump into something immediately. let it play out and make sure you don't make the situation worse. maybe even in the initial hours that you don't give the potential terrorists there even more attention. and i can tell you when the incident first played out, aides suggested to us that the president didn't need to say anything. he could let others like janet napolitano do it. he faced criticism from republicans saying he needed to get out and reassure the nation that air travel is safe. perhaps that he heard that criticism and given the fact that the homeland security secretary didn't do a great job explaining this to the public and reassuring them, now you have to put out
from entering the u.s. in-flight security measures were eased slightly today but at the airports long lines remain and passengers still face additional screening. we have a team of correspondents covering the story here in the united states and beyond. we begin with national correspondent jim axelrod in michigan where the suspect is being held tonight. jim? >> reporter: harry, abdulmutallab is being held in this federal prison behind me here in milan michigan. federal prosecutors say they want a dna sample from him to see if he can be connected to other terror plots. especially now that al qaeda leaders say they launched him. ♪ al qaeda claims it was behind the attempted attack on flight 253, providing abdulmutallab with technically advanced advice. the terrorist organization says the attack was in response to u.s.-assisted air strikes against them in yemen threatening today we are bringing you slaughter and we have prepared for you men who cherish death just like you cherish life. abdulmutallab told investigators al qaeda operatives in yemen made him underwear with the p.e.t.n. sew
in on the u.s., as well. good morning, brian. >> hey, when boxing day falls on a weekend, you have to have that day off for everybody. let's take a look at the stock foorchs here at this hour. the gains have been incremental. nothing shocking to the system. but gains are gains. the cliche is you can still go broke on light volume. we're up about 7 points in the dow against fair value. slightly higher, only about .5% in the nasdaq and the s&p 500 up by more than .25 points right now. 80s stands, we look pretty good and the futures have held up pretty well for the entire day. yesterday, we dipped in negative territory for just a bit. case shiller, we take a look at home prices today. for now, i'll happened it back to chloe. >> thank you, brian. joining us for our guest host for the entire hour is steven davis. thank you so much for dropping in today. the asian markets today, taking a move up after the holiday. >> our stance is that we're still positive on equity markets generally, so for at least first quarter, notwithstanding the rallies that we saw during 2009. i think largely interest rat
. terrorists, take cover. the u.s. is possibly considering missile strikes against yemen. we'll tell you what yemen has to say all about that. >>> and also, no rest for the weary because those tighter travel restrictions aren't going away today after all. if you or a loved one is getting ready to travel, we'll tell you what you can expect in the airports. >>> and also, a decade of change. boy, that's for sure, isn't it? we'll look at the gizmos and gadgets that have become obsolete now since the start of the millennium. before they fade away, we bid a fond farewell. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm heidi collins. today is wednesday, december 30th and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> terror aboard flight 253. we have new details on the failed bombing of an airliner on christmas day. cnn has learned the u.s. is looking at potential targets now in yemen for a retaliatory strike. authorities believe failed bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab was trained by an al qaeda group there and new details in the investigation cnn has learned the father of the bombing suspect also tried to warn the cia about
is a situation where a u.s. embassy gave him a multientry ceasia and an american embassy in nigeria tipped off to him. is the united states government saying anything about this tonight? >> they are neither connecting the dots or emphasizing or explaining why this is this ramping up or significant ramping up of the security. when i spoke to a u.s. official earlier today, greta, what they said to me is that absent information to the contrary, they would have to increase security with the knowledge that there could be potentially others out there who want to attempt similar acts but at that time in the afternoon there was no information to suggest that was the case. but it was certainly something they had to consider given previous experience. >> greta: in terms of amping up security i'm all for being really careful in the future for people who buy tickets in cash and don't have any luggage and are on some type of list. they are talking about now not letting people use blankets and limited to one carryon. when they say they are increasing security, what is the government talking about? >> well,
supplrs. the last u.s. steps would target those foreign firmsho supply iran with proleum productsncluding shipping company and insuran firm involv in the process. but the main taet is still iran's nucar program. >> i belie it would force unpalatable budgetary forces on the irann regime, vastly increang the domestic political cause ofpursuing its nucleaprogram. >> reporr: reacng to the bill iranian oil officials say they are not worriedecause tehran has a long list of suppliers. chinese state company now provide up t one-ird of iran's petrol import fillhe dwap leftehind by firms from othecountries, facing u.s. pressure not to deal with iran. beijing's leading l firm and cnpc have also signed contracts worth $4 billion to help tehran pump more oil. iran'siggest problem has been a lack of investment due to its war in the 1980 with iraqnd a long lt of existing u.s. imposed sanctions. under thecurrent iran sanctions act, there is a ban on u.s firms selling aviation parts. the assets of official worth more than $1.64 bllion are frozen. and there are financi sanctions on iran's bankg system. giv
was turned over to u.s. authorities, why wasn't it discovered he was on the plane? it seems his connections go back to yemen. of course, there is an al qaeda branch there, too. we simply do not know yet whether this is a lone actor who was just inspired to do something, maybe from the internet, or someone who really was carrying out some kind of plot. i will tell you this-- one high-ranking official said to me if you look at all of the elements here, this did not have the earmarks of a sophisticated and well-planned attack. that might be a clue heacked alone. >> glor: i think that's a very important point to make tonight. bob, the president says they're increasing security for all airline flights. what does that mean? >> reporter: first of all, please understand the security for aviation is very high. it's been at orange since 2006. there's an erroneous report the level has been lifted to orange. it's already at owner. what this will mean, undoubtedly, is more and more people will be checked for explosive residue. when you go through the airport and they swab your bag and check for traces
't just outline a new strategy for afghanistan, he redefined the u.s. mission there. from the pentagon, here's david martin. >> reporter: general mcchrystal, the commander in afghanistan, told his staff this morning "today is the first day of the rest of the war." >> there will be a lot of people who will question whether we can do it, there will be some who question whether we should do it but nobody should question from today on whether we will do it. >> reporter: but "it" does not mean defeat the taliban. defense secretary gates explained to congress the objective is simply to weaken the taliban and strengthen the afghans so they can take over the fight. >> the president's new strategic concept aims to reverse the taliban's momentum and reduce its strength. >> reporter: here's how the commandant of the marine corps explained it to troops fighting in the taliban heartland of helmand province. >> when we can turn this place over to afghan security forces, army and police, have a reasonable level of confidence in their government and their ability to run their country through whatever
notified but at the time the flight landed, there were 3500 flights in the air in the u.s. and the number grew through the afternoon in the tsa said it made a risk-based decision to notify some pilots based on inten against information. but the pilots say remember history. 9/11 and all al qaeda plots involved multiple attacks. and the tsa had no way of knowing if that pattern was being repeated and pilots should have been informed. >> it's important all the airborne crews receive the information to modify the security procedures to restrict movement in the cabin and monitor access to the cockpit door. that was not done in this case. >> reporter: this is a con cream example of why it's important. on september 11th, peagess were able to thwart the hijackers and take the plane down in the air because they learned in the air. >> any response why there wasn't a broader alert? >> as i mentioned in the piece, they said it was a risk-based tigs. at the fwining, they weren't sure what they had on their hands. the early reports the were this was a guy with a fire cracker. the pilots are saying, whe
) of the social security act (42 u.s.c. 1320d-2(a)), as amended by section 1104(b)(2), is amended- (a) in paragraph (1)(b), by inserting before the period the following: ", and subject to the requirements under paragraph (5)"; and (b) by adding at the end the following new paragraph: "(5) consideration of standardization of activities and items. "(a) in general. for purposes of carrying out paragraph (1)(b), the secretary shall solicit, not later than january 1, 2012, and not less than every 3 years thereafter, input from entities described in subparagraph (b) on- "(i) whether there could be greater uniformity in financial and administrative activities and items, as determined appropriate by the secretary; and "(ii) whether such activities should be considered financial and administrative transactions (as described in paragraph (1)(b)) for which the adoption of standards and operating rules would improve the operation of the health care system and reduce administrative costs. "(b) solicitation of input. for purposes of subparagraph (a), the secretary shall seek input from- "(i) the na
companies. courtney, let's head to the u.s. hi. good morning. i'm courtney reagan here in the united states where it is very early on a monday morning just after the holidays. it looks like things are regular live i flat. it looks like we're going to leave off where we were last week. chloe. >> thank you. and it's great to have you on the show, courtney. joining us now as our guest host is roger globally, executive director of lgt capital management and he's sitting right next to me. thank you so much for on this post3 >> you're welcome. >> as somebody who manages funds, do you actually care about whether there is a christmas rally or post christmas rally going into year 2010? i mean, for individual clients, it's quite a good opportunity to build up some of the portfolios. but certainly, the volumes are getting thinner because most of the institutional clients have closed their books and they're looking into 2010. so it's not so relevant. somebody who missed out on the big rally between march and october cannot make any additional performance by buying some of the stocks. >> so are some of
"bbc wor news." >> al qaeda in yemeclaims reonsibility forhe failed attack on a u.s. airler. the u.s. preside vows to hunt down those involved. >> will continue t use every elent of our nationalower to disrupt disntle, and defeat the vilest extremis who threaten us. >> and more people are killed after anti government protest in iran. and at least 25 people ardead in karachi. coming up later, just hours from execution, britaiappeals to china spare a british man convicted of drug trafficking. and a decade of cnge, how life hasdeveloped since the millennium kamras -- thanks to social networking, blogging and youtub >> hello and welcome, president obama says his administratio will not west. -- will n rest until those whattempted to bomb an airliner over the united states are arrested. he said h will use every element of nation por to thwart t enemies of the u.s. he made a stement that -- but there was a statement on an al qaeda web site saying they wer behind the incidt. the shock waves are still being felt acro theorld. it is the bom thatuthorities say -- if the bomb that authories say
vietnam. he argued success in afghanistan is critical to the safety of people here in the u.s. and around the world. president obama is raising the stakes in afghanistan. sending in another 30,000 american troops. >> i do not make this decision lightly. i make this decision because i am convinced that our security is at stake in afghanistan and pakistan. >> reporter: at the west point military academy last night, the president said the first batch of u.s. forces will join the fight by christmas with the rest arriving by summer. >> obama essentially gave a death sentence to hundreds possibly thousands more u.s. troops. >> reporter: across the country, members of the military had mixed reaction. >> the more of us over there, the safer each one of us are. >> reporter: with the latest troop increase, the u.s. will have nearly 100,000 forces in afghanistan. their mission, stepping up the fight against the taliban, securing key areas, and training afghan forces. the commander in chief bound to start bringing u.s. troops home in july 2011. now that the president has pitched his plan, his adminis
emphasize that-based? >>Ñi when you look at the wirels industry today in the u.s., the point i made is that most vibrant and most competitive marketplace in the entire country, not only the country but the world. we made our point using the fact that the u.s., by any measure, whether the concentration index that is used by the department of justice or just by the number of competitors that we have in this country, it is the most competitive market in the world and the least concentrated market in the world. i wanted to make those points, because some people have said and are still saying that maybe the industry is not competitive enough, but in the u.s. we have four national wireless competitors, but we also have 173 other local, regional, or specialty carriers, for a total of 177. by contracts -- by contrast, the next nearest country has a total of 37. it is a very competitive marketplace, and the best evidence that supports those facts or the prices that we charge our customers. when you look at customers in the 26 developed countries of the world, the u.s. has the least cost per
for the white house. >> couric: now turning to pakistan where u.s. predator droans went after enemy tearings today in an especially intense series of attacks. one strike near the afghan border reportedly involved five droans firing 10 missiles. officials there say 15 people were killed, though there is no word on exactly who they were. pred tordrones have proven their worth against al qaeda and taliban fighters, tracking them and attacking them. now bob orr tells us there's been a breach of security involving drones. the enemy has hacked into the system. >> reporter: they are the weapon of choice in the war on terror-- unmanned predator drones, operated every day by the cia over the rugged pakistan tribal areas tracking down and taking out terrorists at an unprecedented clip. in the first 11 months of the obama administration, there have been 47 predator missile strikes inside pakistan. as many as were launched during the entire bush prz against. 15 senior taliban and al qaeda commanders have been killed by drones since august 2008. but the "wal "wall street journ" today revealed a cyberclic
well and was cracking jokes. >> u.s. officials say eight americans have been killed by a suspected suicide attack in southeastern afghanistan. reports from the u.s. suggest the government knew a terror attack was being planned weeks before an attempt to bomb a plane. welcome to "bbc world news." also, coming up for you -- survival against the odds. a baby born on the first day of israel's assault on gaza. and a century-old campaign for independence in india. >> hello to you. two and a half-year ordeal is over for peter moore. he was one of five men sized -- seized as the iraqi finance ministry in 2007. three of them were shot dead and their bodies returned to the u.k. there's still no, world on the fifth man but british officials believe she dead. but peter moore is now free. >> from the murky complex world of iraqi hostage taking and negotiations, that's some good news. >> i've been held here for nearly eight months now. i miss my family very much. >> peter moore, the british i.t. expert from lincoln has been freed after two and a half years in captivity. >> good afternoon, ladie
, the president goes on national television to announce he's sending 30,000 more u.s. troops into a war that's already cost more than 900 american lives. as he lays out his new strategy for afghanistan, the road ahead. i'm katie couric. also tonight, is the war winnable? as a u.s. troop buildup helps take back one afghan town, some say buying off the taliban may be more effective than fighting them. and as the new troops prepare to deploy, their families feel the pain and strain of separation. >> hits me pretty hard. but he's a good kid. he's strong. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. in just a short while, president obama will address the nation from the u.s. military academy at west point and tell us how he plans to finish the job in afghanistan. with fewer than two out of five americans approving of his handling of the war and after months of deliberation, he's decided to send in 30,000 more u.s. troops, the first of them will be there by christmas. the goal: putting down a resurgence of the taliban and rooting
&m's today. eric: president obama calling the near successful of the u.s. flight on christmas day a, quote, systemic failure and ordering a preliminary report on the incident by tomorrow. are some politicizing this attack? now we have andrew breitbart, publisher at and ann coulter from political correctness. can't we just get along? >> democrats don't want us talking about their foreign policy. i mean, this is a major difference between the way the two parties approach foreign policy as described in some detail in my book "treason." liberals think we can get the world to like us and particularly with obama. that was a big selling point, mentioned about him when he was running. since he has been president, he is running around the world apologizing to the u.s., allowing the chateau come po power in ir-- the shah to come to power in iran, for example, pulling missiles out of europe to satisfy the russians. he thinks he can have the same effect on america's enemies as he does on msnbc's hosts and republicans have been screaming from the rooftops, you can't force them to like
attempt. he has orred a complete review of the u.s. terror watch list and the screening process for passengers before flights. but critics like new york congressman peter king, ranking republican on the homeland security committee, want to know what's taking the president so long. >> silence on this issue is almost as if they don't want to talk about terrorism. and, if you recall, in the first several months of this administration, it was their policy not to use the word "terrorism." >> nbc news political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with the president in honolulu. well, chuck, republicans are also saying the white house is stonewalling their request for information on the investigation. what can we expect to hear from the president later today? >> reporter: well, at least two things to expect from the president. one is a reassurance to the american public during this busy travel season that airline travel is, indeed, safe. that the new security precautions put into place will make things, while a little tougher in security lines, much safer in the
head higher on the last full day of pre-christmas trade. >> in the u.s., the consumer is in focus. what they're saving, how much they're spending and whether they're buying new homes. >> hello. good morning, good afternoon and good evening. wherever you are, this is "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. i'm chloe cho in asia where it's just past 5:00 p.m. in singapore. let's check on where the asian markets are trading or have closed today. we have a lot of green arrows for a change, as you can see. the nikkei is out to celebrate the emperor's birthday. but the shanghai composite, the south korean composite, are all in the green. just after the markets closed in the greater china region, we're getting comments out from the pboc that china is going to restrict equities in sectors down by overcapacity. we're going to talk more about what is in store for the stock markets year-end. let's check on the ftse cnbc ftse 300 at this moment. higher by 0.3%. >> chloe, good to see you once again. we're an hour into the trade here in europe. we hit closing highs yesterday for both the french and the german
in the u.s. military as a result of ongoing occupations. primarily there is a large amount of dissent in the u.s. military right now. it is spreading despite lack of a cohesive organized gi resistance movement like we saw during the vietnam era. but before i can talk about the sense we have a clear picture of correctly what this u.s. foreign policy between both these u.s. occupations a in iraq and afghanistan, what is the immediate impact on the u.s. military and people inside the u.s. military? i want to start by sharing the story reading a bit from the book by a soldier, the story of a soldier named right. this is a guy who went over to iraq, served as an army medic there. i would like to a share the story because it gives people an idea of the first main reason why we are seeing a breakdown in the military, and that is, what did people see into when they go abroad is another reason why morale is as low as it is in the military today. eli wright went over to iraq as an army medic. he was with the tenth mountain division based out of fort drum in upstate new york. he showed up an
. president obama made his first public statement about the failed plot to blow up an airplane, and said the u.s. would keep up the pressure on terrorists. >> warner: and i'm margaret warner. on the newshour tonight, the president outlined stepped-up security measures for air passengers. >> ifill: how did the bomber get through security? and what can be done to prevent another attack? we'll sort it out. >> warner: then, authorities in iran arrested key opposition figures after weekend protests that killed at least eight. >> ifill: a different angle on the health care debate. ray suarez has the story from south of the u.s. border. >> thousands of americans that can't afford the health care they need, are heading abroad to search for it, i'll have a report from mexico. >> ance end of the year conversation about the financial collapse with >> warner: and an end-of-the- year conversation about the financial collapse with writers andrew ross sorkin and john cassidy. >> it seems to be alive and well and frankly there hasn't been much reform out of washington. >> that's all ahead on tonight's cbs newsh
. brent is trading off 21 cents, $79.14 a barrel. we are waiting for u.s. weekly inventory data out at 10:30 a.m. new york time. a dow jones survey calls for oil to rise by 800,000 barrels, gasoline by 700,000 garls and distillates by 300,000 barrels. hi, scott. how are the futures looking today? >> hi, christine. nice to see you, as well. take a look at u.s. futures ahead of that key employment gaip gauge here. the dow futures are showing a little bit below fair value right now, so a little bit of a reversal here in the early going as we take a look at where futures stand in terms of fair value. the nasdaq futures are looking positive and the u.s. future is fairly flat. take a look at the bund yield, as well, edging just a touch higher in the u.s. treasury. looking at that yield yesterday, we saw treasury yields edge higher, 3.30%. take a look at gold this morning. $1212, that is another increase of $16 an ounce. christine. >> joinings now for market strategy, we have xavier dennis from societe generale private banking and miku komata. gentlemen, thank you very much for being with us. we
, of course have a busy day ahead just as you've had a busy morning, particularly because of what u.s. official, calling an attempted terrorist attack on a u.s. airliner. bring you up to date on what has been taking place, and cnn first brought you the story yesterday afternoon. we have this exclusive photo of the suspect. there in the white t-shirt taken by a fellow passenger. he is 23 years old and a nigerian national, identified as umar farouk abodulmutallab. the fbi has been questioning him and the associated press reports a prominent nigerian banker just might be his son. passengers aboard flight 253 say the man tried to set up a small incendiary device, or explosive device, it's still being sorted out what this device was, as the plane was actually approaching the detroit airport. a flight that originated in amsterdam. >> we were in the back of the plane, and all of a sudden heard some screams, and flight attendants ran up and down the aisles, and i think we knew at the point when we saw the fear in the flight attendant's eyes and they grabbed the fire extinguisher, and also we
to environmental health hazards. title xx of the social security act (42 u.s.c. 1397 et seq.), as amended by section 5507, is amended by adding at the end the following: "sec. 2009. program for early detection of certain medical conditions related to environmental health hazards. "(a) program establishment. the secretary shall establish a program in accordance with this section to make competitive grants to eligible entities specified in subsection (b) for the purpose of- "(1) screening at-risk individuals (as defined in subsection (c)(1)) for environmental health conditions (as defined in subsection (c)(3)); and "(2) developing and disseminating public information and education concerning- "(a) the availability of screening under the program under this section; "(b) the detection, prevention, and treatment of environmental health conditions; and "(c) the availability of medicare benefits for certain individuals diagnosed with environmental health conditions under section 1881a. "(b) eligible entities. "(1) in general. for purposes of this section, an eligible entity is an entity describe
was being investigated. his father had told the u.s. embassy in nigeria that he was concerned about his radicalization, about his extreme -- in his father's belief, extreme religious views. but secretary napolitano saying there wasn't enough investigative evidence to make travel restrictions more restrictive, to put him on a list that would red-flag him. he was on this passenger manifest. the passenger manifest was, as is the practice, given to the u.s. government before the plane left amsterdam and the government approved it, said it was fine. so that's the big question though. that investigation continues. secretary napolitano also said there is no evidence of a larger plot or a larger concerted effort in this. but she stressed that the investigation is ongoing and they are continuing to look into the question of whether he had ties with al qaeda, whether this was some sort of al qaeda operation. nbc news has learned that investigators are looking into his contacts with individuals in texas, in new york, in washington state and in washington, d.c. to try to get the answer to that. he
soldier in afghanistan. tonight, new images of the soldier held hostage, and reaction from the u.s. military and the soldier's family. heavy hits from a nasty winter storm. death on the roadways. and celebrating christmas around the world. we will see what the world's christians are doing to mark this holiday and find out how the pope is doing one day after being knocked down at a mass. and we will hear plans for security in the wake of a scare at street peter's. but first, breaking news tonight. the white house believes the incident aboard the delta of flight was an attempted act of terrorism. they are increasing air security after fox news is told a man claiming to be it connected to al qaeda tried to ignite something the board and international flights. pete king tells us that early indications say the device was somewhat sophisticated. the suspect, a nigerian, is 23 years old and has suffered from third degree burns from the attempted terrorist attack. the incident happened during the landing of a nine-hour flight from amsterdam to a hub in metro detroit. there were 270 people
from the u.s. military academy at west point and tell us how he plans to finish the job in afghanistan. with fewer than two out of five americans approving of his handling of the war and after months of deliberation, he's decided to send in 30,000 more u.s. troops, the first of them will be there by christmas. the goal: putting down a resurgence of the taliban and rooting out al qaeda. the president will also say he'll begin pulling u.s. forces out of afghanistan in the summer of 2011. the price tag for his new strategy? as much as $30 billion for the first year. our chief white house correspondent chip reid is at west point. chip, this could be a tough sell for the president. >> reporter: absolutely right, katie. in fact, the president is going to make clear that one way he's going to try to sell this is by saying that he's going to get those troops into afghanistan and out of afghanistan firster than anybody anticipated. we just obtained this interpret from the speech. the president says the 30,000 additional troops i am announcing tonight will deploy in the first part of 2010, the f
to come. president obama said the u.s. won't rest until they're hold accountable. the secretary of homeland security says security is working and then said it isn't. what is the administration's approach now? in iran protestors battle the government and the streets, and several are reported killed. president obama condemns the government for the iron fist of brutality and doctors an patients react to the passage of healthcare with hope and fears, all that with the fox all-stars, right here, right now. president obama orders a review of the terror watch system after the failed terrorist attack and today issued the first statement on the matter with tough words as critics question whether the administration is doing all it can. steve centanni is traveling with the president and has more. >> the american people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your families safe and secure during this busy holiday season. speaking three days after the terror attack, president obama reassured the american public and highlighted precautions for planes in the
's father reported him to the u.s. embassy last month. could this information kept him off that plane? we have team coverage, steve centanni and peter barnes. katherine herridge. and the cia had a file on this man? >> the cia's africa desk was preparing a report on umar farouk abdulmutallab but the cia analyst was waiting for pictures of the 23-year-old and the report was not sent to the center that handles the watch list. the president was referring to this in his statement on tuesday night. the u.s. official who has seen the document says it is routine and no bombshell information that would have put him to the top of that no flight list. greg: you got the warning that was put out? >> fox news has obtained part of the cable sent on november 20, the day after umar farouk abdulmutallab's father met with a cia officer and complained about his son's radical views. subject may be involved with yemeny-based extremists. he has traveled previously to u.k. it was this state department cable which effectively landed the 23-year-old on the list of known extremists but not on the no-fly list, which
. >>> father and son reunited after a five-year custody fight. tonight they are back in the u.s. what happens now? >>> and a man who is making a difference this holiday season by going back to the drawing board. "nightly news" starts now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, i'm natalie morales in for brian williams. we begin with the scare at the vatican. during the papal procession, a woman jumped the barriers in st. peter basilica and knocked down the 82-year-old pope benedict echlt was unhurt and quickly got back up, with you the incident added to was already expected to be an unusual christmas mass. martin fletcher is live in vatican city tonight. martin, good evening. >> reporter: natalie, good evening. it was a shock. the woman leapt the barrier and jumped on to pope benedict knocking him to the ground and the cardinal, too. there was panned moment yum for a moment and fear until the pope got up. midnight's mass began normally. the procession of pope benedict xvi and the cardinals. then chaos briefly. the camera was off the pope, but here is the sound. people
the u.s. illegally hire mercenaries for military operations overseas? brian ross investigates. >>> movie magic. the man who made titanic pushes the envelope on 3d technology with the most expensive movie ever made. >>> and our "persons of the week." bringing holiday cheer to kids who have lost a parent in war. >>> good evening. the storm that barrelled across the country this week is like the holiday guest who just doesn't know when to leave. the storm continues to hold its grip on the northern reaches of new york state. winds blowing over lake erie have brought bands of snow falling at times at a rate of one or two inches per hour, on top of the two feet already on the ground. the forecast calls for even more tonight. david kerley is in westfield, new york, this evening. david? >> reporter: good evening, charlie. a bit of a break in the weather right now, but snow has been blowing across this region all day today. the big story is i-90, right next to this town. it is shut down tonight. 200 motorists were stranded on that snow-covered highway all night. in whiteout conditions, the inters
revealed a new threat to the u.s. yemen. tonight we look at that country and what some say is already the next battlefield in the war on terror. >>> tens of thousands of hard line government supporters take to the streets in tehran calling for the executions of opposition leaders. and the police chief of tehran pledges no mercy on future anti-government protests. >>> while most of the world is broke, china is on a shopping spree, snapping up natural resources including gas, and now copper. should the u.s. be concerned? >>> and everyone is familiar with smoke detectors. from australia, a new idea. shark detectors. it could just take the bite out of going to the beach. >>> from the different perspectives of reporters and analysts from around the globe, this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. thank you for
in warrenton, now back to you. >> derrick ward, thank u. >>> the u.s. government tonight says it's ready to help track down suspected terrorists in yemen. that word today in response to the effort to blow up a plane over detroit on christmas day. a wing of al qaeda in yemen has claimed responsibility. meanwhile here in the states a fight is brewing over technology that could pinpoint explosives hidden on passengers. tracy potts joins us live from capitol hill with more. >> hey there, jim, talking about the full body scans not in use very much in the u.s. although the government several years ago did consider putting them in all of our airports but that idea was nixed after protests from civil rights groups. amsterdam will now subject all u.s.-bound passengers to full body scans. >> we ought to put them in airports everywhere. >> reporter: private experts have hindered their ups in the u.s. >> we're talking about the intimate sort of images that are possible. should somebody have to give up that level of privacy to travel? no. >> reporter: former homeland security chief michael chertoff p
to me. he sounded really well and was cracking jokes. >> reports from u.s. suggest the government knew it terror attack was being planned from yemen weeks before an attempt to bomb a plane. eight americans have been killed by suspected suicide attack in southeastern afghanistan. very warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the family of a man executed by china accused beijing of making a mockery of appeals to spare him. and a century old campaign for independence in india. hello to you. until a half year ordeal is over for peter moore, the british consultant working for american firm who was seized by the iraqi finance ministry in 2007. three of them were shot dead and their bodies returned to the united kingdom. no word on the fate of the fifth man, alan mcmenemy, though the british government believes he is dead. but peter moore is now free. we have this report. >> from the murky back street world of iraqi hostage taking, at last some good news. >> i have been held here for n
and was crackingokes. >> reports fro u.s. suggest e vernment knew it terror atta was being pland from yemen weeksefore an attempt bb a plane. eight americs have been killed by suspected suicide attack i southeastern afgnistan. very warm welcome to "bbworld news," brocast to our viewers on pbs in america and arou the globe. my name is mike embl. coming up latefor you -- the family of a man executed by chin accused beijing of making a mockery of appeals to spare him. and aenryold campaign fo independce in india. hello tyou. until a half year ordeal is or for peter moore, the british consultant working for amican firm w was seized by t iraqi nance ministry in 2007. thre of th were shot dead d their bodies returned to the united kingdom. no word on the fate of the fih man, alan mcmenemy, though the british gornment believes he dead. but peter moore is now free. we have is report. > from th murky back street world of iraqiostage taking, at last some gd news. >> i have been held here for nearly eight months now. i miss my family very much. >> peter moe, theritish t. expert as been freed afte t and half yea
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